I have always followed my passion and dreams, once I decide to do something I do everything to fulfill that goal. Like when I decided to become a DJ at the age of 40 and successfully did for 10 years. Joining the Army Reserve was no different, as it was my childhood dream to serve the country and community. I joined at the age of 48 whilst working full-time, which I still do as a senior workforce planning analyst.  I read somewhere that you can join the Reserve up to the age of 55, so I decided to have a shot at it.

Best of both worlds Best of both worlds

What I do day to day is complimented by my role in the Reserve, as it teaches leadership skills, discipline and motivates you to stay physically fit. Which is why I chose to train to become an Officer especially. And while the Army Reserve has given me the chance to live and experience the Army life, I haven’t had to sacrifice my civilian life. So best of both worlds!

Physical training Physical training

Some of the hardest and more challenging parts for me personally, were the physical training and time in the bush. One, because of my age and two because I had never gone camping before joining the Army. On the same note, some of the physical and weapons training parts were most enjoyable and rewarding. These let me meet and spend time with some very good people and developed some good friendships. The role is thrilling and rewarding in so many ways.

Passing Out Parade at Kapooka Passing Out Parade at Kapooka

I felt really emotional during the Passing Out Parade at Kapooka, where we got to march out and celebrate completing our training. It was one of the best achievements of my life and I felt so happy and proud of myself for completing the course alongside people less than half of my age. I hope to stay and serve the Army as far as my age and health permits.

being a good role model and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle being a good role model and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle

On a personal level the Reserve has made a big impact on being a good role model and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. I always speak highly of the Army Reserve and advise my friends and others to join, to experience the best of both worlds.