Personal training Personal training

I’m a single mother of three and run my own personal training business. I was looking for a personal challenge – something that would give me an opportunity to learn new skills and help others achieve. And the Army Reserve gave me plenty, without having to sacrifice time with my family or my business.

manage warehouse equipment manage warehouse equipment

It’s given me an opportunity to learn new skills, like how to manage warehouse equipment and organising large amounts of supplies. I also love the mateship, the diverse opportunities and how the Army facilitates a balance between my roles as Reservist, mum and successful business owner.

Training in Kapooka Training in Kapooka

The hardest part, but also the most rewarding was the training in Kapooka when you get to march out knowing you’ve achieved something so many people don’t even have the opportunity to try. Next, I hope to achieve a career promotion in my role with the Reserve, whilst continuing to support communities through things like Covid and bushfires assists.

Bodybuilding Bodybuilding

I’m a single mum with three daughters, have competed in five bodybuilding shows and run my own personal training business all with a successful career in the Army Reserve. So, if you want to feel part of a team all striving for a common goal, I say just do it!