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Your pay

You’ll receive payment from the start of training, as tax-free pay.

Give back and get back

Feel the benefits of protecting and helping those in need, in the Army Reserve.

Travel at home and abroad

Have the opportunity to travel at home and overseas and receive pay.

More than just job satisfaction

As an Army Reservist, you’ll experience rewarding work, training, opportunities to travel and camaraderie unlike anywhere else.

World-class training

Benefit from world-class training. Become more self-disciplined and self-reliant in both your military and civilian career. Be prepared to tackle every challenge in every situation.

Roles to fit your goals

We offer a wide range of exciting and diverse roles across many different disciplines. There are roles for all skill levels, backgrounds and interests. Find your role now.

A rewarding way to give back to your community and country

Joining the Army Reserve is a rewarding way to contribute and give back. You will have the chance to offer genuine help when people need it most. It is as rewarding as it is exciting.

A unique way to travel Australia

While much of your time in the Army Reserve will be spent at your local unit, there will be unique opportunities to travel and work in parts of Australia and overseas.

Find a new kind of fitness Find a new kind of fitness

Find a new kind of fitness

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to join the Army Reserve and you will have the opportunity to workout in unique and interesting ways, such as on obstacle courses, physical training sessions and adventure training.