Applying for RMC

You can commence officer training at RMC with or without a degree, or you can undertake a degree at the Australian Defence Force Academy first. Either way, the application process is the same.

Army officer application process

This helps us establish that you have the qualities, potential and attitude to become an effective leader and commander. It also starts the process of identifying the branch of the Army you may be best suited to - if you’re not already qualified for a specialist role.

1. Check your eligibility

If you have drive, determination and ambition you possess the
essential attributes to be an Army officer. You’ll need to be an
Australian citizen with Year 12 passes in English and three other
subjects, plus a reasonable level of fitness.

2. Choose and apply for an officer role

Browse the jobs following RMC page to see the career
opportunities available. You can apply to be an Army officer and be
assigned a specific role in an Army corps following training or as a
degree-qualified Special Service Officer.

If you'd prefer some guidance first, call 13 19 01 or visit your local
Defence Force Recruiting Centre and we can have a chat about
the opportunities available.

3. Complete the application process

Once you've applied or registered your interest online, you'll be
invited to a Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session to talk to
one of our Career Coaches about the roles available. At this
informal session you’ll do some exercises that give us an idea
of your reasoning and maths ability, and we’ll discuss your
health and fitness.

4. Start your career journey

Next, you will attend a more detailed assessment session that
includes medical and psychological components, exploring your
suitability for an Army leadership role. If successful, you’ll be invited
to attend an Officer Selection Board, which you can read about here:

When you need to apply

Officer Selection Boards are conducted throughout the year – and RMC intakes take place in January and July. As a very broad guide (subject to individual application circumstances, progress and timings):

Apply by:                 For intake in:

February                  January (following year)

August                     July (following year)