Life at RMC

Much more than just a world-class military institution, Royal Military College is a dynamic community. You’ll live in comfortable housing, learn in modern facilities, and enjoy an outstanding social and sporting life.

Life at RMC Life at RMC
A unique and rewarding lifestyle

You’ll find everything you need at RMC from advanced training facilities to a gym, pool, courts, numerous sports fields, shops, and a mess with dining facilities, a bar and areas to socialise and relax.

When you're not studying or resting, you'll be training, eating and socialising with a great bunch of like-minded mates, sharing experiences and bonding for life.

Life at the RMC Life at the RMC
A salary while you train plus regular leave

You’ll receive full pay while you train at RMC and be given plenty of opportunities to stay in touch with family and friends. You’ll get leave every three months including one week off mid-semester, two weeks off at the end of semesters and four weeks over Christmas. And to make things even easier, the Army will pay for your travel home once a year.

Life at RMC Life at RMC
Comfortable accommodation and good food

Peace and privacy matter, so you'll have your own secure room at RMC with bathroom facilities and plenty of storage. The laundry and recreation room in your building will be shared with other officer cadets.

And because plentiful nutritious meals are important to highly active people, the quality and quantity of the food we serve is a high priority and we cater to all dietary and cultural requirements.