In return for being paid to complete your degree course and having the rest of your fees covered, you will be expected to serve in the Army as an Officer

How DUS works

Once you have been approved for sponsorship and joined the Army, most of your time will still be devoted to study. However, in return for investing in your education, the Army will typically require you to:

  • Complete one to four weeks of training each year during university holidays, and
  • Once you've graduated, commit to full-time service for the number of years of university sponsorship plus one year (with a minimum of three years' service).


Examples (following graduation):

  • If you are sponsored for just one year of study you must serve full-time for three years
  • If you are sponsored for three years you must serve for four years

For health specialities your service commitment begins once you have satisfied your registration and clinical experience consolidation requirements. If you have been sponsored through the Army Graduate Medical Program, you will be appointed for an Initial Minimum Period of Service of the period of sponsorship (multiplied by two), plus an additional 365 days, or until the expiry of your Return of Service Obligation, whichever is greater.

So for example, if you are sponsored for four years of study, you must serve nine years. Please note, the acquittal of your service obligation after study commences on the effective date you are posted for duty on completion of hospital residency training.

Gaining military experience

Specialisation work experience during semester breaks is highly encouraged (unless you are undertaking course attachments, are involved in scheduled study activities, or are on approved annual or additional training leave).

Opportunities will be offered throughout the academic year for you to learn more about your future career in the Army through motivational placements and courses.


Becoming an Army Officer

Officer training takes place on completion of your degree to help you develop your leadership and military skills. It comprises one block of 26 days and one block of 16 days at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, ACT.